Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Happy birthday???  Really?

It is not the day my bride was born, 
nor is it the day that we discovered the tumor, 
nor is it the day we were diagnosed...

It is the day, 1 year ago today, that my bride did her first chemo treatment.

Why is this worth memorializing?   It is important because on this day 1 year ago, my wife went from someone who was being attacked to being the attacker.

She went from being a victim to being the one to vanquish this inane disease.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What happened to September?

OK, so we are in Phase 7c.1.3a-2 of Mama's treatment cycle.

Yes, it feels as though we have been though 28 phases, 7 sections, and 4 points on this journey and we still are not done.

We started the Radiation treatments on the 23rd of September and we are scheduled to complete them on October 29!!!  WOO HOO!!!

It is as they say...

Mama is tired, wore out, burnt out, done, finished, enough already, no more, can we call her cooked yet?, feeling stupid, feeling incompetent, feeling...  bad.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Knock, knock... Hey! Where you been man?

Hi all,

Summer is over.  Last weekend we sent the tall one back in the ring for round 2 at Biola, LB started school today and the new Alpha starts tomorrow.

What does that mean?  It means back to work for the boss and I.

We are getting ready for the big 'R' now.  Radiation.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

really? Really? REALLY?

Why is it never easy?

Three Dimes?

It seems as though every time things are looking perfect... another wrinkle comes into play.  This dreaded disease is something that just doesn't play fair and frankly, I am growing weary of it.

When last we talked, my bride had navigated the surgery suite with style and had the first 48 hours go fabulously.   Of course we had the initial concern over her skin during that time but after 3-4 trips to the surgeon's office, adding some topical medications, keeping the effected skin areas exposed to the air (or at least not folded over on other skin) and the process of expanding the implant all had the desired effect and it looks as though the risk to the skin has diminished significantly.

They took one of the drain tubes out after the first 4 days and only took the other drain tube out on Monday of this week (a whopping 20 days... and talk about a pain to manage)

Now the rub...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

48 hours post surgery update...

Well...  we've made 48 hours and she isn't wilted or breathing fire...  so all is good!

Actually, things are looking great and all she does is hang out...

Quick Update...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


BE-YES, the breast was BE-nign... isn't that the best of a beautiful benefit for the bride after a bad bit of a journey.

OK, it may be a tad bit early to declare total victory but the first two sections taken, frozen, and analyzed... came up with nothing, nada, zip, zero, goose eggs, nix, ixnae, blank.  The tumor was annihilated, decimated, extinguished, massacred, obliterated, eradicated, exterminated...  and essentially GONE!

Yes, GONE...

So, we have great news and the first reports are that the two samples taken are benign (meaning no evidence of any cancer)


Of course, we still don't have the full pathology... and won't for a few days, but the surgery was successful, they saved all the skin (including the nipple area) and we are past this bright line with great preliminary news.

When the news comes about the balance of the pathology, if we there is no evidence of cancer in the balance of the tissue removed we will have had the unbelievable Complete Pathological Response...  which is incredible and (may I say it?) a miracle for the size of tumor my bride had.

Still more to do and recovery to get through...

We still have lots of ground to cover...  Recovery from the surgery, some skin risk before they start filling the implant, implant management, radiation, final reconstructive surgery and the 12 treatments of herceptin...

The fat lady ain't sung yet...  but today the angels in Heaven are...

To close...

Life is good, God is GREAT... and...  the concept of Onward and Upward is looking mighty fine today.

The Big Day... Surgery 101

Today is the day...  

4:30 wake-up came way too fast this morning.  Knowing that today would be the day that would be the point where what had been truly internal (with a few external temporary impacts) would now become eternally (at least temporally) permanent and forever obvious to my bride.

Surgery...    But, as always, we are ready to roll...

She is a nut...  but this is how we roll....
5:30 AM sitting in the lobby

What are we doing and why?

We've been waiting for this day for months.  Knowing that it was the next stop on this journey and worried that this would be the one point on this trip where we would stumble a bit because of the expected permanent impacts.

When we were diagnosed and the multiple treatment plans were presented to us, we had so many decisions to make with what we perceived then to be significant risk differentials between them all. Of course, at that time there was a desire to 'go baby go' and so there was much pressure to move, act and advance...

So, as I sit here this morning, with Laura in Surgery...  I want to revisit the journey on how we have decided what to do regarding the surgery options and what our surgical plan is.

Some backstory...